Banking at Dublin Airport

Banking at Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport does not have a full-time bank. Banking at Dublin Airport is limited to ATMs and Bureau de change.

There are five ATM machines in the terminal buildings. The ATM machines are located in different areas of the terminal buildings. There is also a currency exchange service at the airport. While banking at Dublin Airport you have access to a bureau de change which can exchange dollars, euros, and all other currencies. There is also a tax refund service at Dublin Airport.

Please see our Wi-fi in Dublin Airport page for info if you need to log into Dublin Airport’s free Wi-Fi service.

You can get a refund on a vat tax on certain items. Please see our list below for all relevant information.

Please click on our links for the websites of Irish banks if you require further assistance.

Bank of Ireland

AIB Bank

Permanent TSB Bank

KBC Bank

Banking at Dublin Airport ATM Machines

Terminal 1 T1

One ATM machine in the Departures Area T1

One ATM machine in the Baggage Hall T1

One ATM machine in the Arrivals area at T1

Terminal 2 T1

One ATM machine in the Baggage Hall T2

1 One ATM machine in the Airside T2

ICE Bureau de Change

The Ice currency exchange is located in Terminal 1 Departures area 5. You can pre-order currency if you need it. Please click on the link here and use the following form to fill out a form for currency or you can email Ice directly at

Please contact Ice Bureau de Change at +353(0)1 814 4640

You will need

To include your name

Currency required and amount

The date and time of travel

The Terminal you flying from (T1 or T2)

Tax Refund Planet Tax-Free

There are two Planet tax-free desks at Dublin airport. You can a refund on the vat that you paid for certain items in the Republic of Ireland. Please contact + 353 15133800 or email –

Planet Tax-Free Terminal 1 (T1)

Opening time Monday to Sunday 7.00 am to 4.00 pm

Planet Tax-Free Terminal 2 Airside (T2)

Opening times Monday to Sunday 7.00 am to 4.00 pm

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