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Coronavirus News Dublin Airport

Coronavirus News Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport has issued the following health advice in relation to the coronavirus COVID-19. See the HSE link for useful info. The government in Ireland do not have plans to close Irish airports. Dublin Airport is operating and allowing the export and import of medical gear and cargo.

The government in Ireland has advised against any non-essential travel for Irish citizens. There are requirements for people travelling through Irish airports to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. The HSE have certain guidelines in place, see this travel advice link for further info.

It is advised that you contact your airline directly for any info in relation to travel plans you may have. Please see our airline page for airline contact details.

Health officials are carrying out temperature checks at the airport in Ireland. The advice by experts is to wash your hands regularly, obey good cough hygiene, and cough into your sleeve or a tissue. The advice to obey good respiratory practices Irish health experts are advised to wear a face mask in certain places, such as using public transport, and in shops.

Please see this health advice link for further information.