Landing At Dublin Airport

Landing At Dublin Airport

Landing at Dublin Airport is a fairly straightforward process. There are two main terminals in Dublin Airport, Terminal 1(T1) and Terminal 2(T2). Terminal 1 mainly deals with short flights for example within Europe or Irish Domestic flights. Terminal 2 handles all longer flights, international and transatlantic flights. Both Terminals are set up well and have good services provided.

Terminal 1 Luggage (Within Europe)

Landing at Dublin Airport you will come off the aircraft, if travelling within the European Union, you will enter the Terminal 1 building. You will proceed towards the luggage belts, and your bags with appear out onto the luggage carousels. Large screens overhead will display the flights that the luggage belongs to.

Terminal 1 Passport Control Dublin Airport

Landing at Dublin airport and once you have your bags you can proceed through the colourised lines, red and blue coloured lines are security checks in Terminal 1. Blue lines are if you have nothing to declare. The red lines are if you have something to declare, you will need to fill out a customs declaration form and hand it to the airport staff at the red security check desks. It’s important that you declare anything of importance.

Terminal 1 Arrivals Area

After you pass through passport control, you will proceed to the arrivals area to meet your family or friends. If you have booked an airport transfer, your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall. Please see our Dublin Airport transfers page for all info on airport transfers.

Terminal 2 Luggage (Outside the EU/International)

After landing at Dublin Airport, you will have a short walk to the luggage area in Terminal 2. You will come to the immigration section and you will have to show your passport. There are six baggage carousels in the baggage hall. The screens overhead the baggage machines will display the flights that the baggage belongs to. The baggage hall has toilets and luggage trolleys and a help desk.

Terminal 2 Passport Control Dublin Airport

Here at Dublin Airport Guide, we wish to make it easy for passengers after landing at Dublin airport, passengers travelling with the EU area. These passengers do not need to pass through passport control. You just collect your bags in the luggage area in Terminal 2 and walk towards the arrivals area. If you have nothing to declare you go into the blue line. If you have items to declare your move to the red line security checkpoint.

Passengers coming in from outside the European Union will need to pass through passport control, there are 2 colourised systems operating at Dublin Airport. The blue line is for arrivals passengers that have nothing to declare. The red line is for passengers that have items to declare. These customs declarations are made at the red links security check areas. It’s important to note you must declare items and if you are unsure, ask a member of staff from Dublin Airport at one of the checkpoints.

Terminal 2 Arrivals Area

After passing through passport control and collecting your bags, you can walk into the arrivals area, you will then meet family members or people that will be there to collect you.

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