Restaurants in Dublin Airport

Restaurants in Dublin Airport

Terminal 1 Food Village (T1)

There are many great restaurants at Dublin Airport. The restaurant had a wide range of foods and drinks. They offer breakfast including the full Irish breakfast and coffee, and delicious salads. Sandwiches are also available and plenty of hot meals. There are selections of pastries also available. The outlet is situated on the upper floor of Terminal 1 before you go through security. The opening hours are between 8.00 am to 9.00 pm Monday to Sunday.

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Marqette (Departure Level T1)

This is a wonderful food market, it is a nice restaurant with a large section of food available.Margette is another cool example of the great restaurants in Dublin Airport. There is a self-service system and an a la carte menu on offer. There are pre-made salads to choose from and sandwiches. There are tasty soups on offer and a full bakery offering great loaves of bread. There is also a full bar, perfect for chill-out time. Marqette is situated after security on the departure level in Terminal 1. The opening hours are between 4.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Sunday.

Restaurants in Dublin Airport

Marqette (Arrival Level T1)

This great food market is one of the upmarket restaurants in Dublin Airport, offering an a la carte menu. There are tasty salads available and great loaves of bread. A full bar is included. Lots of sandwiches are available and nice soups. There is a great bakery also, with fresh pastries on offer. This food market is situated on the arrivals level on Terminal 1 main floor. The opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 5.30 am to 11.00 pm.

Wrights of Howth (T1)

This is a food court with a store included. There is a wide range of hot drinks and old drinks available. Grocery items are also on offer. There is a large selection of foods on offer. Wrights of Howth is located in Terminal 1 arrivals hall. The opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Terminal 2

Irish Meadows (T2)

Irish meadows is another one of the great restaurants in Dublin Airport. They provide sandwiches, tea and coffee, and snacks. It’s a perfect place to pick up something before you board your flight. There is a large section of confectionary available also. The opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 7.00 am until the last flight. Irish Meadows is located in Terminal 2 after the US preclearance section n the main floor.


There are toilets located all over Terminal 1 (T1). The toilets are marked with blue signs and are for men and women. There are a number of wheelchair-accessible toilets available also. The toilets have built-in baby changing facilities which are very convenient. The toilets are kept clean and tidy.

Changing Places Toilet Facility

There are fully accessible changing place toilet facilities in Dublin airport. These units have height-adjustable changing benches and a full-coverage ceiling hoist system. These units are specially designed to help people with disabilities and deliver great practice with people with disabilities. These units were designed with the help of Inclusion Ireland. The changing place toilet facilities are situated on the ground floor in the arrivals hall in Terminal 1 (T1). Dublin Airport won an award for best airport in Europe for accessibility in 2016 from the ACI Europe awards.

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