Shopping in Dublin Airport

Shopping at Dublin Airport

T2 Beauty Hall (The Loop)

This is a great place for shopping at Dublin Airport. You can pick up beauty products because of the 15% discount offered compared to high street prices. The benefit of the 15% discount is why so many people go shopping in T2 Beauty Hall. The beauty hall offers a large number of big brands. Brands like Dior, Armani, and Estee Lauder are available to purchase. The beauty hall is the perfect place for gifts and also to bring home for a loved one.

Click and Collect

Click and collect offers a great service if you are shopping in Dublin Airport. You can shop online and pick up your items when you arrive at Dublin Airport. The 15% discount compared to high street prices is a great way to save money on purchases. You can pick up your items at the shopping collection points in the departures and arrivals areas. There is a collection point in the departures area in Terminal 1(T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). There is two more click-and-collect collection point in Arrivals in T2. You will need proof of purchase and an ID to pick up your items.

If you need information on free Wifi at Dublin Airport, please see our Wi-Fi in Dublin Airport page.

Shopping at Dublin Airport

The Loop

This store is a great place to buy products while shopping at Dublin Airport. Loop is based in both terminals T1 and T2. There is a large range of products available. There are lots of makeup products. A large range of perfumes and aftershaves are available. There is a great Irish whiskey selection available. If you want to go Whiskey shopping at Dublin Aiport, the Loop has a great selection to choose from. You can also purchase online and use the shop and collect service. There are over 100 different beauty brands available. The loop offers discounted prices compared to high street stores. The loop offers expert advice on a range of products available in the store. There is a Guinness mechanise section and lots of Irish-made products on offer.

Airport Pharmacy

There is a pharmacy is in the grounds of Terminal 2. The name of the pharmacy is Pure Pharmacy. They have a full medical range and they sell over-the-counter medication. the Pharmacy is open from 5.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Dublin Airport Medical Aid

There is fully trained medical staff to assist you if you require medical attention in the terminal building, please contact the airport police section at +353(0)1 8144300 or +353(0)1 8144666

Dublin Airport Church

There is a Catholic church on the airport ground which was opened in 1964. The name of the church is Our Lady Queen of Heaven. The church is located 2 minute’s walk from the Arrivals hall and through the short-term car park atrium. There is a mass in the church Monday to Friday at 1.00 pm and on Sundays at 11.00 am. The priest (Father Des Doyle) can be contacted in the event of an emergency at +353(0)1 814 4340.

Muti-Faith Prayer Room

There is a multi-faith prayer room located in the Terminal 2(T2) building at the departures level. This prayer room allows people from any faith or religion to practice their faith. It’s open 24 hours. You have to remove your shoes when entering the room. They are mats provided for praying. Please be aware of different faiths and respect people’s spirituality and cultural differences.

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