US Emigration Preclearance At Dublin Airport

US Emigration and Preclearance at Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is one of the only airports offering US Emigration Pre Clearance at Dublin airport is a very convenient service. This is a great way of saving time. Pre Clearance saves time and hassle on your trip. The ability to do US Emigration Preclearance at Dublin Airport and get all your immigration formalities out of the way in Ireland is truly a unique service available only in Ireland. Shannon Airport in County Clare also offers this service.

This pre-clearance system is put together very well and it involves you having to show your green card or passport and have them scanned by a machine. The machine will then take your photograph and scan your fingerprints. Then you will get a printout from the machine and you hand this to the staff from US Emigration Preclearance at Dublin Airport.

US Immigration and Pre-Clearance at Dublin Airport

US pre-clearance department at Dublin Airport. You will be shown a photograph of your luggage then and once you confirm the luggage is yours, that’s it you finished.

It is estimated that you can save two hours by using the US preclearance service. You will need to set aside one hour to fulfill the process. We have attached a link for further info US Customs and Border Protection Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Please see our Landing at Dublin Airport page for information on passport control.

US Preclearance Lounge 51st & Green

There is a lounge in Terminal 2 after you come through US preclearance. This is a great way to relax and chill out away from the busy Terminal. It’s perfect to relax before your long flight. The price of the lounge is 35.00 euros if booked online and 39.00 euro’s at the reception. The service is free for business class ticket holders.

Lounge Includes

  • Drinks, Irish food with an American touch
  • Coffee and cocktails
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Live sports
  • Showers
  • View of the runway
  • Charging points

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