Wi-Fi in Dublin Airport

Wi-Fi in Dublin Airport

If you require Wi-Fi in Dublin Airport, the good news is it’s free. The terminal buildings provide free Wi-Fi and the airport is a Wi-Fi zone in both terminals.

Simply search Wi-fi in Dublin Airport on your device and select Dublin Airport Wi-Fi. You just simply click once and you don’t need to sign up or register. This Wi-Fi in Dublin Airport is great for surfing online, checking emails, and keeping up to date on social media.

If you need information on banking, please see our Banking at Dublin Airport page.

Printing Stations

The service costs 6.00 euros per person and is fully compliant with GDPR law. Items have to be emailed to a certain email address and are printed as required. This is very handy for printing maps or travel documents.

Locations of Printing Stations

  1. Terminal 1 Arrivals Hall –Left luggage baggage storage area(05.00 am to 11.00 pm)
  2. Terminal 1 Departures – Bag wrap station ( 4:00 am to 9.00 pm)
  3. Terminal 2 Departures – Bag wrap station ( 04.00 am to 8.00 pm) 

Seating and Charging Stations

There is comfortable seating and charging points throughout the terminal buildings. The free wi-fi in Dublin Airport is great for the business traveller that needs to have a video conference or to check emails. You can charge your devices and make sure the batteries are powered up well. These areas are perfect for chilling out and relaxing.

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